Plans and pricing

Registration is for 1 Kč. You can use our bikes right away.

Pay as you go


Ride is for ~0.9€ [?] / 30 min

  • You will pay for each ride
  • Registration takes just 5 minutes, immediately you can use bikes
  • Price ~0.9€ is in Prague, in other cities could be diferent

~7 € monthly


All rides up to 30 minutes included

  • Pay once a month
  • You can ride in all our cities
  • No limit to number of rides
  • You can cancel anytime
  • You can activate it in mobile app Rekola Rekola.
Buy in the mobile app

~9 € / 24 hours


1 bike for whole day

  • unlimtied number of rides in 24 hours
  • you can have bike for 24 hours
  • you can go whenever you want; just return it back to the zone
How to activate it?

You will pay all with secured card, VAT is included.
Visa, Mastercard

Get Rekola app and start riding!

You can also use mobile web app